Plastic-Free Beauty: Why Is It So Important?

Beauty and cosmetics are one of the biggest industries in the world threatening to destroy the environment and although we can live without it, let's face it, we're just not going to. With the effects of plastic on the environment, consumers, companies, and the government are starting to ask questions and take action with movements like #plasticfreejuly. And that is a great step in the right direction!   

So far we’ve created 8.3 BILLION metric tons of plastic around the world. And the plastic-heavy cosmetics industry alone makes up 1/3 of this landfill space and produces over 120 billion units of packaging every single year!

Just think about your average lipstick, mascara, or eyeshadow for example. Each one is encased with an unrecyclable hard plastic case and another trash-bound box or plastic sleeve. That’s 2 items headed to the landfill for every beauty product you have. It’s a truly stunning amount of plastic when you think about it.

Skip The Plastics For Bath & Body

Our bath and beauty routines are often filled with single-use plastics that do not biodegrade, but the good news is that it’s simpler than ever to swap out disposable items for plastic-free alternatives in your space. Below are our favorite essentials for transitioning towards a zero-waste bathroom, minimizing waste and building a plastic-free bath and beauty routine.


Spend an afternoon at a beach cleanup and you’ll likely encounter tens and hundreds of handheld, single-use toothpaste tubes. Switch over to our Bambooyah Tooth Tabs. It’s completely zero waste, made from bamboo charcoal, soap nut extract, menthol, liquorice and a dash of ginger oil that comes in a refillable glass container, making it 100% sustainable. https://thenaturemasons.com/product/bambooyah-tooth-tabs/


The majority of lotions are yet again packaged in plastic and contain toxic preservatives. We suggest trying to make your own lotion, or starting out with a body balm recipe if you are a DIY beginner. If you don’t have the time, The Nature Masons Body Butters are both super dreamy on the skin and smell amazing, they come in a reusable glass container and are chock full of natural essential oils and organic butters. Whichever you choose, know that diverting a product from landfills is always a win. https://thenaturemasons.com/product-category/body-butters/


Purchasing soaps wrapped in plastic might very well be a force of habit, so during the next restock be mindful of your choice. Many stores offer handmade soap bars without a plastic wrap or just a paper bag/box that can be recycled. For a plastic free alternative try our Natural Soap Bars, travel friendly, reef safe, ocean friendly, paraben and sulphate free, you can pick a soap bar to suit your skin type! https://thenaturemasons.com/bath/


Plastic microbeads are some of the most harmful forms of plastic pollution in our everyday life and our oceans. Trade in a face mask or body scrub from the Nature Masons that contains natural ingredients packed in refillable glass jars which is not only good for your body and skin but for the environment as well. https://thenaturemasons.com/product-category/face-masks/ .


Ditch the plastic bottle and switch to a bar! It’s a *gasp* moment for hair care devotees, I know, but there are so many eco-friendly options out there that you’re sure to find a product you love. Not only is this a plastic-free bathroom essential they’re also known to outlast standard shampoos, but each bar is also the equivalent of three 200 ml shampoo bottles and our conditioner bar is the equivalent to five 200 ml bottles. Check out The Nature Masons Anti Dandruff and Hair Loss Solid Shampoo Bars along with a Solid Conditioner. https://thenaturemasons.com/hair/


While there's still a long way to go, there have been some advancements in the last few years. Governments in Canada, the EU, and India are in talks to ban single-use plastics in the next 2-3 years. Many cities have partially or fully banned plastic straws, Styrofoam products, and have plans to clean up plastics in the ocean.

Let's celebrate these steps while working for more in our own lives and encouraging companies and our friends to bring plastic pollution to an end.

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