Hair Loss Shampoo Bar (Sulphate Free)

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Directions to use our Hair Grower Shampoo Bar

Directions For Use: Rub this sulphate free hair (grower!) shampoo bar between your hands and use the lather on your hair or just apply directly onto your hair. Make sure to massage the product into your scalp and then rinse. Voila!


Ingredients: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Potassium Cocoate, BTMS-50, Cocoa Butter, Distilled Water, Citric Acid, Tocopherols, Reetha, Aamla, Shikakai Extracts with Orange and Lime Essential Oils, Mica Pigment.

Stop clogging the drain with your hair fall! This fast hair grower  Shampoo (yes we said hair grower) is pH balanced and has Shikakai which is a natural cleanser packed with antioxidants, vitamins and other micronutrients which fights damaging free radicals, detangles hair, reduces breakage and fall and sebum production, nourishes the scalp and boosts hair growth. We’ve paired this herbal shampoo with Orange and Lime Essential Oils and Cocoa Butter. This partnership knows no bounds and is OUR best shampoo for hair fall. Cocoa butter moisturises and strengthens damaged hair. Orange and lime essential oils battle dandruff and are essential (Coincidence? We think not).  this shampoo bar uses surfactants derived from coconuts and is extremely gentle for your hair. This is your best bet for hair growth.

What is a hair grower you ask? This sulphate free shampoo bar uses these herbs to make sure your hair fall is contained and will ensure that your hair will grow at a healthy pace with regular use. Suitable for all hair types, this shampoo cleanses and moisturizes your hair and scalp and helps to improve hair texture. Ensuring that you use a pH balanced scalp shampoo is key to reducing hair fall. What are you waiting for? Jump on this hair growth band wagon!

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6 reviews for Hair Loss Shampoo Bar (Sulphate Free)

  1. Kym Fonseca (verified owner)

    I’ve been having major hairfall in the recent past. I had to keep changing my shampoos bc none of them agreed with my hair whatsoever. Then I came across nature masons and tbh it’s the best thing that ever happened. My hairfall has reduced so much from the first use itself. My hair feels softer, lighter and so much better than it use to. Thankyou for this ❤ ❤

  2. Charmaine deSouza (verified owner)

    This product! It’s perfect! I usually don’t have hair fall but with increasing stress levels, hair fall is inevitable. I was quite vexed until I began using “Grow bro”! Grow bro is instant mojo! My hair stopped falling after the first wash. There’s more, there’s no sticky residue like other shampoo bars have. The fragrance is light and gentle. Absolutely love that too. I think I found my soul shampoo bar mate! I highly recommend this shampoo bar!

  3. Shruthi Rao (verified owner)

    My hair had become dry ,brittle and frizzy after trying a lotta shampoo bars from various companies. I had given up and got back to liquid shampoos which didn’t help much either …. After I started using this shampoo, my hairfall has visibly reduced, no itchy scalp or frizzy . I am back to having confidence that I can go grow my hair longer again. Taking bath with their shampoo bar followed by the conditioner is heavenly . By far one of the best shampoo bars I have tried. Totally love this product

    PS: doesn’t leave gunk on your hair like the other shampoo bars in the market

  4. MINAL (verified owner)

    My search for a Vegan, Low-Waste, LOW poo and Organic shampoo bar ends with this gem.

    Frankly speaking was very skeptical to shift to shampoo bars, did try a couple of them before and did find one which was good but their ingredients were higher on toxic level. so my search continued till i came across this one as its toxic rate is marginal. i had checked them on EWG site. safe to use. so got it and tried it .

    My experience
    I have fine straight normal hair and scalp.
    Shampoo lathers pretty well. if you don’t apply oil then you might just need one wash otherwise two.
    Hair feels squeaky clean and i don”t need a conditioner at all.
    till 4th or 5th day my hair is good to go. so basically i wash just once a week.

    NOTE :There is no gunk or residue left behind nut take care to rinse your hair really thoroughly.
    i use ACV rinse just once a month to clear out any residue build up that might have caused.
    Packaging is completely biodegradable and so is the shampoo.
    Great for planet and you.

    Thank you to the team at Nature Masons for creating such great products.

  5. Nature’s Daughter (verified owner)

    Whenever I shampoo my hair with a regular cleanser somehow I can taste all the chemicals in my tongue while shampooing and even long after. Isn’t that weird?! But true. My Ayurvedic shampoo was running out and your shampoo bar has been a lifesaver. Just used it and such a clean clean feeling on my tongue! My hair seems clean too 🙂 Thank you! My best wishes to your brand! May it show up on regular shop shelves.

  6. N Pereira (verified owner)

    I have long hair and its takes too much effort to get the shampoo to spread over my hair and cleanse it, it does not lather up much either. This lasted me only about 5 weeks so economically too it does not work out for me. Packing was lovely!

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