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Calming Aromatherapy - Body Moisturising Cream

Calming Aromatherapy - Body Moisturising Cream

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Put your worries to bed. Literally! Our in-house blend of essential oils in this body moisturising cream works its magic to help you feel calm and sleep deep. Lavender Essential Oil helps calm those nerves while Patchouli Essential Oil helps blood flow better. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil helps in reducing inflammation, improves mood, and enhances libido (yes, you read that right!). In addition, Ylang Ylang is said to act as a natural insect repellent, promotes wound healing, and diminishes the appearance of scars when applied to the skin. We also have Lemon and Roman Chamomile, which are known to alleviate anxiety along with Coconut and Hemp Seed Oil packed into this power-packed mix. Now, can't you imagine falling straight to sleep knowing you’re so well taken care of with our Calming Aromatherapy Body Moisturising Cream?


A unique blend of essential oils in solid form that is effective in relieving stress and calming the mind and body through various properties. And our portable size makes it the perfect companion for everyday use.

We use a moisturising base of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, combined with our signature scents to make our aromatherapy balm. Read through our product descriptions at the top of the page or our Key Ingredients list to fully understand what goes into each product.

Not yet, but perhaps, in the future.

No, and they never will be!

It is so portable, convenient that it can be stored literally anywhere. In your pocket, bag, clutch bag, suitcase, gym bag, bathroom cabinet, bedside table, dressing room.

That depends on how often you use it, but with moderate use it should last 4 - 6 months. 

In normal conditions it won’t melt. However, if you leave it in the direct sunlight on a really hot day, it might. We recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight and making sure it is stored under 45 degrees. If you do expose it to extreme temperatures, simply let it cool down and it will be back to normal.

Natural products always do better in the fridge and will last longer, however, it is not mandatory. But, we do advise to keep it in a cool dry place away from the sun and the humidity in the bathrooms.

Yes! Men, women, and children of all ages, ethnicities, and skin types. We only use all-natural and organic ingredients. We also have an unscented Guava and Tamanu Body Moisturising Cream for those who may have skin allergies or sensitive skin. Always patch test new skincare products and discontinue use if you notice any skin irritations.

At least one year after opening.

Our body butters are great for everyday use, no matter what time of day. Use them as much as you need to moisturise! However, we recommend using them right after a shower as it helps lock in extra hydration from the steam.

Yes, it does, therefore making it more hydrating and less greasy. Its creamy consistency makes sure it easily absorbs into your skin.