It's official...We’re home for the foreseeable future as the world gets together to battle coronavirus. The first time in most of our lives that staying home was a way to save lives. It feels a bit like hiding and that's uncomfortable for a lot of us. We want to do something, take some action to make it feel worthwhile. On our stories, we gave you a couple of ideas for passing time at home, but with lockdown being declared countrywide, we are entering a new, extended phase, many people are going through stages -- from following COVID-19 updates every fifteen minutes and feeling deep anxiety, to beginning to evolve something resembling a routine. With some idea of what we can expect many experts say the key to keeping it together is having a clear routine, especially if you are home as a family or working from home - Makes sense right?

We run a small business (just 2 of us here), so relatively speaking, we're ok. We'll push through this and survive. ⁠ So what's got us worried then? Helping our local communities by paying for services and goods in advance; by "pre-buying", in the global context of things, this may seem insignificant but it's one of those small actions that have a big impact! It'll allow our communities to eventually bounce back & thrive. ⁠ We have now started online deliveries to all zones pan India so you can check if deliveries to your pin code are available when you check out from our website. Also please bear in mind, with the recent situation deliveries may take longer than expected, each product is carefully picked and packed by us with the highest safety measures and we are trying our best to get the products to you guys as soon as we can.

This lockdown has given us all a chance to stand and stare into the distance, and we can now find time for all those projects we forgot about in the relentless grind of our busy lives. Who knows what the world will look like post-COVID-19 and you want the best version of you out there grappling with it.

Stay safe people, and stay home! Don’t forget to visit our website > https://thenaturemasons.com/

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