Smells like Nostalgia

Ever wondered why we wear perfume, or how they have evolved over time? During the ancient Egyptian era, perfume and natural oils played a huge role in religious services, they were used to cleanse the air and make offerings to the Gods. These oils and personal grooming was so important to the Egyptians that they had a God, called Nefertem, solely dedicated to it. As you know the rich were often buried with scented oils and incense. All these oils were usually reserved for deities and royalty because of the expense involved in creating these natural plant-based concoctions.

In ancient Greek and Roman times, perfume and incense continued to play a part in funerals and religious ceremonies. In 2007, the world’s oldest perfume factory was discovered in Cyprus–the mythological home of the goddess of love Aphrodite. It’s believed the factory-supplied temples and worshippers with scents to bring them closer to the gods they revered.

Nowadays, perfumery is once again changing, harsh chemicals and artificial scents in traditional perfumes can be bad for your skin and bad for the planet. This is especially true considering that, like all cosmetics, perfumes get washed down the drain at the end of the day, and can end up in the water supply. But that doesn't mean you can't smell great while remaining eco-friendly! At Nature Masons all our products use natural and eco-friendly essential oils that allow people with skin sensitivity to enjoy wearing luxury products without compromising on quality or ethics, our products are for both men and women and are not tested on animals. We use only pure essential oils, and natural substances like butter, extracts, and hydrosols from soaps to shampoos and body lotions our shop is made of exquisite natural ingredients including jasmine, rose, lavender, and tea tree.

So what’s next?

Essential oils have accompanied us for millennia, they’re key to the way we experience the world – the essence of life. They’re sure to follow wherever you go, but where that is, well that’s up to you…

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