About Us

M & Jen

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Mrinalini Deshprabhu and Jennifer Parras, founders of The Nature Masons. This company began with our belief and realisation that business could be a force for good. Being animal lovers and eco-conscious people ourselves, we realised that many of us know nothing about the ingredients in our products, what we choose to put on our bodies every single day, or how these ingredients affect the environment around us, not to mention finding effective, wholesome skin and hair care products that are delivered the sustainable route.

With this in mind, we decided to create The Nature Masons, with products that bring together effective personal care derived from natural, modern, scientific and sustainable methods. Our products are gender-neutral, organic, cruelty free, zero waste and reef safe in completely recyclable packaging. We source as locally as possible, manufacture our own products ourselves (we are certified formulators and don’t get us wrong, we build from nature but we believe in science all the way!) and make sure our products are well formulated, well preserved. We are also completely transparent with our labels. We maintain high standards for quality and formulation and strive to be ethical in every process.

At The Nature Masons, we believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and we encourage you to feel beautiful and be comfortable in your own skin. Our mission is to create a guilt-free hair and skincare collection made with meticulously sourced ingredients that exceed your expectations. The more you know, the better choices you make when it comes to taking care of yourself. Self care is a choice. Make It.

Jennifer Parras & Mrinalini Deshprabhu